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What We Can Do for You! We perform a statistical analysis of your data with emphasis on correlations between data.  

We provide you with the relationship between each variable and the strength and reliability of the relationship.   We also provide you with a formula that can be used to project a variable of your choice.   You plug in your projections for the dependent variables and calculate the resultant projection for the main variable (or we can provide a web page to you on which you can enter the projected variables).

Sample Project ... We ran a relationship analysis between some of the leading economic indicators and sales in a specific industry.  

We produced a summary report.   This report described how well sales in a particular industry could be forecast from macro economic data.   A specific formula was given that would forecast sales and some forcasts were made based on current information.  

A more detailed report was also also produced.   This listed information on all factors and their individual relationships with sales.

Outline of the Project ... You send us a spreadsheet or delimited ASCII file and then describe the relationships between the data that you would like described or projected.  

We will quote the cost of the project.   If the project is well defined, we will quote a fixed fee.   If the project is somewhat open ended or contains many undefined variables, it will be quoted as a range.

After you accept the quote, we perform the statistical analysis and produce a report describing the results of the analysis.  

Email: statanalysis2@finstat.com

If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please email a description of the project. If possible, attach a copy of the spreadsheet that contains the data that you would like us to analyze.