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Why Send a Personalized Benefit Statement To Your Employees? We produce Personalized Benefit Statements (also known as Total Compensation Statements or Hidden Paychecks) for the employees of companies who would like to communicate their benefit plans to their employees in a concise but easily understood format. Our statements are accurate, timely and competitively priced.

Personalized communications provide the employee with individual information on company sponsored benefits and enhance employee understanding.

We believe that Employee Benefit Statements will:

  • expand employee awareness of the value of your benefit program,
  • increase enrollment in all benefit plans,
  • show your concern for your employees,
  • reduce your administrative expenses by improving employee understanding of benefits.

Statements are normally produced on an annual basis.

Click to see full size! Our Standard Benefit Statement (shown at left - click to see larger view) is an inexpensive booklet statement. The statement is composed of eight interior pages, five of which contain your employee's customized benefit information. The first page presents an introductory message with signature (normally from the chief executive). The last page is a financial planner that allows an employee to maintain, in one location, information on all of their financial documents.

The page on which the company's cost of each benefit plan is shown contains a pie chart which visually describes the breakdown of benefit costs.

In order to maintain the cost of the Standard Statement, we have restricted the basic format of the statement including interior paper type, font face and size and placement of information. However, the wording for each benefit plan is customized to your plans.

Types of Benefit Statements

We can produce the Standard Booklet Statements that we described above or the Deluxe Booklet Statements mentioned below.

All of our statements can be printed in color. Any information inside the report including variable information (pie charts and dollar amounts) can be printed in full color.

We can produce a one or multiple page letter statement in electronic format that you can print on your laser printer or we can print and mail for you.

Or we can produce a multiple page electronic statement that you can email to your employees or place on your intranet.

You have the option of displaying your benefit cost information (or any other chartable information) in pie charts, bar charts or a benefit paycheck.

This Acrobat page describes some of the differences between our statements.

Click to see full size!

Click to see full size!

Our Deluxe Statements are completely customized to your needs.

We design and produce covers for your Benefit Statement booklets that are based on your corporate culture. We can maintain the artistic themes that you have used in past benefit communications efforts. You may produce an eight, twelve, sixteen (or more) page statement. The number of pages you use will depend on your need for verbiage and detail.

We meet with you and discuss the specifics of your benefit plans. We develop a suggested Benefit Statement based on your benefit structure. You are free to alter our suggestions so that the statement represents your company.

We receive electronic data files from your company and any third party administrators that you utilize. We merge the data files and use the compiled information to calculate individual benefit levels for each employee. We edit the data that you have sent to us for accuracy. We compile the information into a summary sheet that is an analysis of totals and averages of the information. In future year's production cycles, we send you comparisons to the last year's statement information. This can be easily used to determine how benefits have varied from one year to the next. You can use pie charts and bar charts to illustrate benefit values and costs.

We provide you with sample statements of employees you select. These sample statements are used by you to make any wording or benefit calculation changes you deem necessary prior to actual report production.

We print the covers and envelopes. We laser print the statements, fold, stitch and insert into envelopes. Finally we either bulk ship the statements to your office or individually mail the statements to your employee's homes.

How Long Will It Take? For the first year production, Deluxe Statements normally require 12 weeks and Standard Statements require 10 weeks. The actual schedule is dependent on your specific circumstances.

Email: BenefitStatements5@Finstat.com

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