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Macros Save You and Your Company Time and Money! We program MS Excel and Word Macros specifically for your needs.

Macros are used to automate routine tasks that you perform in Excel or Word.   They are a powerful and flexible way for you to reduce the cost of utilizing your custom worksheets.   In many cases, a button may be placed on the spreadsheet to initiate the macro.

Outline of the Project ... You send us an MS Excel or Word file and then list the actions that you would like the macro to perform.

We will quote the cost of the project.   If the project is well defined, a fixed fee will be quoted.   If the project is somewhat open ended or contains many undefined variables, it will be quoted as a range.

After you accept the quote, we create the macro and send it to you for testing.   The macro will be operable for a short period of time during the testing period.   When you give us final approval, we invoice you and when the invoice is paid, we send you the final unrestricted macro.   In most cases, the macro will be compiled and therefore will not be editable.

Email: ExcelMacros2@Finstat.com

If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please email a description of the project. If possible, attach a copy of the spreadsheet that the macro will be used with.